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  • Born Recovery Supple Shake

    Born Recovery Supple Shake
    incl. 6% VAT
    Tasty recovery "milkshake" with vanilla flavour. The optimal combination of protein and carbohydrates ensures a faster absorption of carbohydrates in the muscles: very important for your recovery!...
  • Born Protein Peptopro Recovery

    Born Protein Peptopro Recovery
    incl. 6% VAT
    Highest quality recovery drink with 12 grams PeptoPro ®per serving. BORN PROTEIN contains the amino acids for maintenance and growth of muscle cells and helps the body to recharge the battery.
  • Born voedingstasje

    Born voedingstasje
    Incl. 21% VAT
    Ook altijd al nieuwsgierig naar alle producten die born verkoopt? Dit pakket bevat veel verschillende producten zoals een gelletje, verschillende energy bars en isotonic drinks. Ook zit er een...
  • Maxim Carbo Loader 500g

    Maxim Carbo Loader 500g
    incl. 6% VAT
    Maxim Carbo Loader is a neutral-flavored powder that contains a unique blend of carbohydrates (maltodextrin), vitamin C, and vitamin B1.
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